Logo Estoc
Logo Estoc


What do we do?

We design, produce, and sell furniture made from recycled materials and disused objects. Our goal is to improve and dignify the life of people with intellectual disabilities, fostering development through work. 

We believe that a sustainable economy can be obtained not only from the environmental point of view, but also from the social one. For this, we transform recoverable materials into a valuable resource through a unique creative process that helps normalize the lives of people with disabilities.

How do we do it?

The combination of materials is the house trademark: From wooden blinds we make benches or screens, a door can become a table, and a crib is turned into a child desk.

We imprint an artistic look on artisanal work.

We respect noble materials.

We look for the element of surprise, an original twist thatgives new value to the pieces.

We preserve the fingerprint of time, putting it in contrast with an ingenious, fresh, and colourful look.

And we number them, because each piece is unique.

Why do we do it?

In Catalonia there are 378.000 registered people with disabilities, 10.6% of which are of the intellectual type. Almost 55% of them are of working age, but only 78.000 actively work.

At L'estoc we offer a wide range of possibilities for labour integration. The worker gets involved from the beginning in the whole process with a piece: Fixing, treating, polishing, painting, and varnishing.

The activity is stimulating, fosters creativity, and gives visibility to the skills of people with disabilities. That is why we have the carpentry shop and the store in the same place, in downtown Barcelona.

For promoting a different way of consuming, giving each piece the quality and attractiveness of new furniture.

L'estoc has been awarded the programs for Social Entrepreneurship of Momentum Project by BBVA and Esade (2015), La Caixa Foundation (2012) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (2011).